A Mandatory Quarantine was issued last Thursday for over 200 people unable to prove vaccination records
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Mandatory Quarantine For Those That Can’t Prove Vaccination

Los Angeles -Public Health Officials order a mandatory quarantine for over 200 people at 2 California Universities that are unable to produce documentation that they have been vaccinated against the measles virus.

The quarantine, which was issued Thursday, April 25th at The University of California LA as well as California State, could last up to 21 days or more in which time the effected are under strict orders by officials to not leave their homes.

The mandatory quarantine was issued in an effort “to build awareness among students, faculty and staff about the risks of measles after a potential exposure to measles.” according to a statement put out by health officials. “Quarantine for measles can be up to 21 days from the date of last exposure, at which time the exposed person is no longer a risk for developing the disease and spreading measles to others,” read the statement.

This move comes after a small outbreak of the benign virus in California universities which has sent the country into wide spread panic.

In a somewhat misleading statement Dr. Karen Smith, director of the California Department of Public Health stated, “Vaccination is the only way to ensure you and your family members will not get measles. Many countries are currently experiencing widespread measles activity. Make sure you and your family are fully vaccinated before traveling internationally.”

But to conflict with that statement, the CDC claims thatMost of those infected were unvaccinated”, indicating that you are still susceptible to the virus even if vaccinated.

The disease can be incredibly dangerous in undeveloped countries where people lack access to proper medical care and live in unsanitary conditions. But, in the US this is not the case according to the Cleveland Health Clinic “The outcome for most cases of measles is excellent. Once the disease passes, the person will be protected against contracting it again.”

It is unclear what laws allow for the detention of people for not being able to produce the demanded paperwork to ensure they comply with government mandates.

The move has some on edge with one local resident stating “It seems un-American and scary that big brother can put you on lock-down because you fail to prove that you have been injected with a virus. Will mandatory quarantines be issued next Flu season for those that choose not to vaccinate against it? It seems we are moving in the wrong direction on this. I thought that the United States was the land of personal choice.”


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